Interested in learning more about the rise and impact of the business of well-being and what it means for your organization, community and future? 

Have you wondered how and why the Peloton phenomena took place and its connection to the future of the economy and society?

Does your team or company face challenges that demand an innovative approach and culture?

From engaging keynotes to action, oriented workshops, David strives to make an impact with partner organizations, communities and businesses. Bringing innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity, David supports the value creation and well-being capacity of individuals, organizations, and groups of growth minded people. 

Keynotes and workshop topics include:

 Peloton's Phenomenal Decade and Lessons for Tomorrow
The Rise of the Business of Well-Being; Moving Beyond Consumption
Leveraging Physical Space in a Digital World
Using Community to Build Your Brand, Strategy, and Impact
The Unexpected Success and Other Sources of Innovation


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