David has spent the last two decades working, researching, writing and teaching on the topics of innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, well-being, business models and impact. He is a leading thinker on new venture creation, entrepreneurial and innovation frameworks and ecosystems, innovation and the well-being economy and the application of innovation management tools and frameworks

Academically, David has been a faculty member at George Mason’s School of Business for over 10 years and spent 2017-2022 leading the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He is the founder and principal of Moose Mountain Ventures, Inc. an advisory services firm helping new and existing ventures, investors, and other institutions develop innovative and impactful business models, understand the rise of the well-being economy, and create positive value for stakeholders. David is a regular social media and media contributor. 

David had never taken an indoor cycling class before begrudgingly trying his wife’s Peloton bike in late 2016. He has now completed more than 5,000 classes on the Peloton platform and enjoys cycling, yoga, running, meditation and strength classes.  David can be found by his leaderboard name #ChicagoBorn.